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We invite you to cook and enjoy some of Mexico’s most typical dishes with us. 

How does it work?

  On selected dates each month we meet remotely.  You will learn a new Mexican recipe or two, while sharing fun moments with family and friends, old and new. We walk through how to prepare each week’s menu and share cooking tips while we tell you a little about the origins of the dishes and ingredients and their cultural significance.  The learning and the fun are mutual.  We always enjoy sharing our love for our culture and cuisine while we all learn from each other.  We also provide custom sessions for families or groups, tailored to the occasion.  


Ki sabores de casa experiencia culinaria ollas


Fill out the sign-up form, complete the payment via Paypal and receive a confirmation by email

$15.00 USD


Receive  a complete list of ingredients, utensils, and the access link.



Share the fun! Invite relatives or friends who are far away to join you in the same session.  Learn while enjoying delicious food together, virtually.


Set up your device as close as possible to where you’ll be cooking, assemble your utensils and ingredients, invite friends or family to join you, and prepare to be transported to Mexico with all your senses.


We provide Spanish-English interpretation throughout the experience to facilitate your interaction.

 Fall Colors and Flavors

This Fall, we will feature classic dishes from throughout Mexico. 

Most recipes can be made vegetarian or modified for dietary restrictions. Just ask!  


Saturday Dinner Experiences

Unless indicated, Saturday sessions will begin at 5:30pm Eastern Time (USA) and will last approximately 90 minutes.


   Saturday, October 9

Cochinita Pibil & Panuchos

 5:30pm ET (USA)

Cochinita Pibil is a traditional dish from the Yucatán, consisting of pork marinated in annatto, accompanied with pickled onions and habanero chili peppers.  Panuchos are another traditional Yucatecan dish of tortillas filled with refried beans and typically served with cochinita pibil, red onion, and salsa made with habanero chilis.

Saturday, November 6

Burritos de Chilorio (Mexican Pulled Pork Burritos)

 5:30pm ET (USA)

Chilorio originates in the northern state of Sonora, where flour tortillas are more common than corn tortillas.  It is made from shredded pork cooked in a delicious sauce of orange juice, chiles, and vinegar, and is typically served in flour burritos (which we will make from scratch tonight as well).  Legend has it that the name Burritos originates with a man who sold food in Chihuahua and transported it by burro (donkey).  To keep it hot, he wrapped it in a flour tortilla and, with time, his creations became known as Burritos

Saturday, December 11

Pozole Verde (Green Pozole)

 5:30pm ET (USA)

This variety of pozole (hearty soup made from hominy, pork and spices) originates in the State of Guerrero, and gets its color from tomatillos, cilantro, parsley, and epazote.

Saturday, October 16

Enchiladas Michoacanas

 5:30pm ET (USA)

Enchiladas Michoacanas, which hail from the central State of Michoacán are made with corn tortillas, stuffed with vegetables, dipped in red salsa and then fried, and served with Mexican fried chicken, which is not battered like it is in the U.S. (Note: Your stove may need a good cleaning after this recipe, but it’s well worth it.)

Saturday, November 20

Guacamole, Tesmole y Dulce de Calabaza (Guacamole, Tesmole and Candied Pumpkin) 

5:30pm ET (USA)

Tesmole is a chicken soup made with vegetables, guajillo chiles, and balls of corn masa.   We will also make our favorite Guacamole recipe to enjoy tonight as an appetizer and a Candied Pumpkin Dessert to serve on next week’s Thanksgiving table.

Sunday Brunch Experiences

Sunday sessions will begin at 10:30am Eastern Time (USA) and will last approximately 90 minutes.

Sunday, October 24

Chilaquiles Rellenos (Stuffed Chilaquiles)

10:30am ET (USA)

This variation of traditional Chilaquiles is a relatively new dish made from mini quesadillas (handmade corn tortillas filled with cheese) covered with three types of salsa – bean salsa, green salsa, and salsa macha made with chiles and peanuts

Sunday, December 5

Tacos de Canasta (“Basket Tacos”)

10:30am ET (USA)

These tacos, which translate as “basket tacos” are made from corn tortillas filled with beans, potatoes, or chorizo, steamed in a basket or bowl and served with a guacamole salsa

Sunday, November 14

Enmoladas Castellanas

10:30am ET (USA)

Enmoladas Castellanas, a popular dish from León, Guanajuato (where our family is from) consists of corn tortillas, filled with shredded pork, and bathed in Mole Castellano, a delicious style of Mole (sauce) made from ancho chiles and a variety of seeds and nuts.

try something different & fun!

“I really enjoyed the feel of this class.  I was worried I would be uncomfortable and it was just the opposite.  I felt like I was cooking with old friends.”

— Kathryn, West Lebanon, NH


“I feel like I’m half in Mexico and half in the US.  It’s a wonderful combination.  I love the friendly atmosphere you create as we each create something together but separately.  It is really special!

— Jill, Lebanon, NH

“We really, really enjoy the classes.  They are fun and lighthearted and the results are delicious!”

-- Kristi & Alex, Piermont, NH

“I have enjoyed so many aspects, the cooking with everyone is fun, learning some new tricks to build flavors and then eating the delicious meal after.  

-- Lora Lea, Rice, WA

“It has been one of the high points of our isolation during the last months. We are so grateful to you.  

-- Sue, West Hartford, VT

“I don’t know ANY Spanish, so the interpretation has been critical, along with the two-camera visuals.  I am SO impressed with how well it all works!  The response to questions presented through the chat, verbally, via puzzled faces — everyone involved is so responsive.”— Faye, Lebanon, NH

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