Join us for virtual cooking classes


We invite you to cook and enjoy some of Mexico’s most typical dishes with us. 

How does it work?

  On selected dates each month we meet remotely.  You will learn a new Mexican recipe or two, while sharing fun moments with family and friends, old and new. We walk through how to prepare each week’s menu and share cooking tips while we tell you a little about the origins of the dishes and ingredients and their cultural significance.  The learning and the fun are mutual.  We always enjoy sharing our love for our culture and cuisine while we all learn from each other.  Most recipes can be modified for dietary restrictions.  Don’t hesitate to ask.   We also provide custom sessions for families or groups, tailored to the occasion.  


Ki sabores de casa experiencia culinaria ollas


Fill out the sign-up form, complete the payment via Paypal and receive a confirmation by email

$15.00 USD


Receive  a complete list of ingredients, utensils, and the access link.



Share the fun! Invite relatives or friends who are far away to join you in the same session.  Learn something new and enjoy delicious food together, virtually.


Set up your device as close as possible to where you’ll be cooking, assemble your utensils and ingredients, invite your household members to join you, and prepare to be transported to Mexico with all your senses.


We provide Spanish-English interpretation throughout the experience to facilitate your interaction.

The Best of Both Worlds

This summer, we are continuing to feature classic Mexican dishes that utilize fresh seasonal ingredients that are grown or raised locally in New England. 

Most recipes can be made vegetarian or modified for dietary restrictions. Just ask!  


Saturday Dinner Experiences

Unless indicated, Saturday sessions will begin at 5:30pm EDT and will last approximately 90 minutes.


Saturday, July 31
Tortas de Coliflor.  Y Arroz a la Jardinera

Cauliflower pancakes in fresh tomato sauce.  And garden rice, made with fresh carrots, peas, and corn.


Saturday, August 7
Gorditas de Picadillo. Y Salsa Verde y Salsa Roja  

Thick pockets of corn masa, stuffed with ground beef, carrots, onions, peas and potatoes.  And Mexican green and red sauces made from seasonal vegetables


Saturday, August 21
Sopa de Milpa.  Y Flor de Calabaza Rellena de Queso de Cabra*

Soup made from corn, zucchini, poblano peppers, zucchini blossoms, and epazote.  And zucchini blossoms stuffed with goat cheese. 

*We are planning this session in collaboration with farmers in the Upper Valley (NH/VT).  If the zucchini blossoms are not available (either from these farmers or in gardens you may have access to), we will substitute another delicious dish featuring late summer ingredients. 

Saturday, August 28
¡Esquites!  (dos estilos)

Back by popular demand, Mexican Street Corn.  This time, we will prepare it two ways:  Boiled and pan fried.  As always, you are welcome to make either or both.   


Sunday Brunch Experiences

Sunday sessions will begin at 10:30am EDT and will last approximately 90 minutes.


Sunday, July 18
Molletes con Pico de Gallo.  Y Café de Olla

 Classic Mexican comfort food to enjoy for breakfast or dinner: Baguette topped with refried beans and melted cheese, fresh sauce made from diced tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeños, and onion, and traditional Mexican coffee, prepared with cinnamon, piloncillo (raw sugar), and cloves.  


try something different & fun!

“I really enjoyed the feel of this class.  I was worried I would be uncomfortable and it was just the opposite.  I felt like I was cooking with old friends.”

— Kathryn, West Lebanon, NH


“I feel like I’m half in Mexico and half in the US.  It’s a wonderful combination.  I love the friendly atmosphere you create as we each create something together but separately.  It is really special!

— Jill, Lebanon, NH

“We really, really enjoy the classes.  They are fun and lighthearted and the results are delicious!”

-- Kristi & Alex, Piermont, NH

“I have enjoyed so many aspects, the cooking with everyone is fun, learning some new tricks to build flavors and then eating the delicious meal after.  

-- Lora Lea, Rice, WA

“It has been one of the high points of our isolation during the last months. We are so grateful to you.  

-- Sue, West Hartford, VT

“I don’t know ANY Spanish, so the interpretation has been critical, along with the two-camera visuals.  I am SO impressed with how well it all works!  The response to questions presented through the chat, verbally, via puzzled faces — everyone involved is so responsive.”— Faye, Lebanon, NH

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